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Fully Maintained Novated Car Leases

Your team at Wealth Tree Solutions is now offering all clients the ability to Salary Sacrifice their personal use motor vehicles giving the ability to save more money.

As most of us know, paying for a motor vehicle and all related expenses is one of the largest financial costs outside of the family home, either after rent or mortgage payments.

novated car leasing new service from wealth tree solutions

Leasing your private use motor car as an alternative to taking out a personal loan, will help you to save thousands of dollars, on your salary year in year out. Now that’s money that you could be using to add to your mortgage, superannuation increasing your retirement nest egg or expanding your family holidays.

There is an old saying “work smarter, not harder” same goes with your car expenses. You now have the ability to work smarter. Why would you “waste” part of your hard-earned salary paying for your car and related expenses post-tax when there is a very strong argument for the pre-tax savings that a Novated Car Lease can provide.

Leasing, rather than taking out a “loan” for your next new or used car is a lot simpler than most people realize. A Novated car lease is just an agreement between yourself, your employer and a financier. It simply means your employer is leasing your new car on behalf of you, the employee, however, it is still your name on the car!

We have worked hard to source for our clients a novated car lease option that is simple to understand and designed to save those much-needed dollars.

By partnering with a premium Fully Maintained Novated Lease provider we offer a leasing option that will minimize your vehicle costs while maximising your savings. All while allowing you, our client, to choose the right car for your budget, lifestyle and needs. Visit our Novated Car Leasing website for further information or give our office a call.