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I first sought financial advice from WB in the late 90’s after having them recommended to me by a colleague of mine in Adelaide.

I have always found it quite difficult to keep to a budget as I had champagne tastes but only a beer budget and was always willing pay day to come a little sooner. Unfortunately it never did. I was a bank manager’s daughter and always knew the importance of not going into debt. This had been well instilled into me by my Father. I once went into an overdraft position and was well and truly drawn over the coals by my Father. I have never done it again.

Jeff and his team supplied me with some tools that gave me far more financial freedom which were explained to me in great detail and easily managed by me. I fast found out the difference between wanting and needing, but never felt restricted in my spending.

I have been able to manage my finances with great ease for the last 17 years due to the exceptional advice I have been given in an era of great financial turmoil. I am not a rich woman but I do have what I need to get me through.

I trust this financial team implicitly as not only have they provided great friendships, but they have advised me with utmost honesty and integrity. This has released a great deal of pressure on me.

I am now happily retired and feeling quite secure with my circumstances. What more can you ask for?

Liz Richardson

Canning Vale, WA

Dear Tracey

Due to my chronic illness, I was unable to work anymore. However, being relatively young, I still required an income to pay the mortgage, medical bills and general day to day living.

Tracey assisted me to achieve this goal as a result of claiming on my Income Protection. Thanks to Tracey the process was straightforward and stress-free, even going to the extent of bringing the paperwork to my house to sign. I have no hesitation in recommending Tracey to my friends and family, or anyone wishing to retire, make a claim or gain valuable financial advice.

One year on, and I can live comfortably, concentrate on my health and not have the added stress of money worries.

Gail Jones

Camillo, WA